Varia Display

$ 12,00

Introducing Varia Display, a font that emerged from the renowned challenge of 36 Days of Type. In the 2023’s edition, I embarked on a journey to explore a wide variety of styles, leading to infinite possibilities for crafting unique letterforms. The result is a meticulously crafted variable font with a single weight axis, designed to push the boundaries of typographic aesthetics across all characters. With each letter and number embodying a distinct and innovative approach, this font offers a captivating typographic experience.

With its distinctive and varied letterforms, this font is ideally suited for eye-catching main headlines and complementary typography. Whether you seek diversity or a touch of uniqueness, this font is sure to meet your creative needs. Embrace the world of possibilities it presents and elevate your designs to new heights.

Key features:

• Meticulously designed
• Variable Font
• Single Weight Axis
• Multilingual support
• 374 glyphs

What you get

Varia Display

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